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CONCERT REVIEW | Schumann | London Symphony Orchestra/Faust & Gardiner | Barbican, London | "The woodwinds gliding through the lean, lyrical strings were special, yet the highlights were in the clarity of the contrapuntal and chorale-like sections of the Finale, where Gardiner rose to his credential as early music specialist"

CONCERT REVIEW | Schumann & Berlioz | London Symphony Orchestra/Hallenberg & Gardiner | Barbican, London | "Under Gardiner’s leadership, the LSO have rediscovered a compelling language"

RECORDING REVIEW | Brahms, Berg, Dvorak, & Sibelius | Iceland Symphony Orchestra/Eðvaldsdóttir, Sakari, etc. | "There is little doubt regarding the unsung artistry of Eðvaldsdóttir and the ISO. The approach shines a Nordic light of austere clarity onto a familiar repertoire"

RECORDING REVIEW | Brahms | Kirschnereit, Neudauer, & Amaryllis Quartet | "Kirschnereit and the Amaryllis Quartett are lucid in the Op. 34 piano quintet...present a heart-warmingly memorable alternative sensibility."