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CONCERT REVIEW | Shostakovich | London Symphony Orchestra/Benedetti & Noseda | Barbican, London | "all any Shostakovich enthusiast could have wished for, full of zest and a smirk"

CONCERT REVIEW | Rossini, Grieg, & Tchaikovsky | Philharmonia Orchestra/Kim & Sung | Royal Festival Hall, London | "what drew Kim as original yet was his balance between boldness and silence, as the echoes of the slightest of notes aired poignancy as much as imagination"

CONCERT REVIEW | Dukas, Rachmaninov & Berlioz | Philharmonia Orchestra/Kozhukhin & Järvi | Royal Festival Hall, London | "the tuttis had colour and swing, and the climax copious yet far from overwhelming"

CONCERT REVIEW | Widmann, Lutosławski, & Brahms | Berliner Philharmoniker & Rattle | Royal Festival Hall, London | "One had to simply admire this klang while it was still there, for the silence that followed the last note signaled the end of an era"