CONCERT REVIEW | Beethoven & Berlioz | Philharmonia Orchestra/Blomstedt | Royal Festival Hall, London | "the rapport between Blomstedt and the musicians shone well"

CONCERT REVIEW | Prokofiev & Shostakovich | Philharmonia Orchestra/Matsuev & Kochanovsky | Royal Festival Hall, London | "Denis Matsuev’s impassioned piano playing in the Prokofiev’s Second Piano Concerto complemented a superlative performance of Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony"

CONCERT REVIEW | Mozart & Bruckner | London Symphony Orchestra/Fellner & Haitink | Barbican, London | "Haitink’s kind of wisdom and insight doesn’t come easily"

CONCERT REVIEW | Bach & Mozart | Philharmonia Orchestra/Chamayou & Herreweghe | Royal Festival Hall, London | "Objective time succumbs to the recognition of a musical journey, and one experiences a heavenly length of awe and admiration"

INTERVIEW | Jakub Hrůša | "enabling audiences to view spheres far beyond the obvious or customary is one of our tasks"

INTERVIEW | Philippe Herreweghe | "with art, you can focus on profound and essential questions"

CONCERT REVIEW | Beethoven & Schumann | London Symphony Orchestra/Anderszewski & Rattle | Barbican, London | "the brass and timpani propelled the intensely melodic narrative of the first movement"

INTERVIEW | Daniel Müller-Schott | "music can have that power to help you embrace things you don’t know"