CONCERT REVIEW | Mozart & Tchaikovsky | London Symphony Orchestra/Znaider | Barbican, London | "The mellifluous warmth evoked was as poignant as it was beautiful"

United Kingdom: London Symphony Orchestra & Nikolaj Znaider (Violin & Conductor). Reviewed at Barbican Hall, London on 7 December 2017

Mozart, Violin concerto no. 2 in D major, K211
Mozart, Violin Concerto no. 3 in G major, "Strassburg", K216
Tchaikovsky, Symphony no. 6 in B minor, "Pathétique", Op.74

Nikolaj Znaider, (c) Lars Gundersen

...In fulfilling his dual role as a conductor and soloist, Znaider’s amicable and free-roaming gestures facing the LSO, whose string players were standing up, epitomized the congenial intimacy conceived of Mozart's concertos. For the chamber sized ensemble, there was little pretension of attempting for an historically informed performance (HIP) interpretation. Even without vibrato-free and springy strings and clear of adventurous tempos, there abounded a sense of spry fondness if not informal ease. Yet were things marginally too informal? ...

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Young-Jin Hur